5 brain hacks to learn faster
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Learning might not be the most exciting word in the English language, but learning is something you shouldn’t stop doing once you leave school. In fact, I would argue the most important things in life is learnt outside school. Follow these 5 brain hacks to learn faster the next time you’re trying to master a new skill.

I’m sure there are new skills and knowledge you need to learn, no matter what you’re trying to achieve at this current moment. Knowing how to learn faster will help you achieve your goals faster.

It’s what makes one person’s blog profitable in their first year and another’s in…maybe never. It’s all about knowing how to learn what you need to, fast.

These 5 brain hacks are all methods I’ve used since I was young and they’ve never failed me yet.

It has helped me pass with flying colours in 4 different education systems, graduate with honours at a Russel Group, Red Brick University and of course, helped create my various streams of passive income online.

Learn how to learn, and anything you want can be yours. 

5 brain hacks to learn faster

The more you’re forced to actively think about something, the more you understand and learn about it.

This is a simple brain hack to learn faster that works with almost anything. Find people that are learning the same thing as you and start helping them.

Answer their questions and start presenting information to others. You’ll be amazed how much faster you learn this way.

Use what you learn

This brain hack to learn faster is simple. It’s all about repetition to engrain whatever you just learnt into your brain. The more you do something, the easier it becomes and the more natural it’ll feel.

Many of the things we learn later in life are things we will naturally have to use in our day to day life. Such as, paying your bills, or filing your taxes. But skills that aren’t so obviously useful in our daily lives, such as negotiation, e-mail marketing, image editing etc etc.

These skills require you to actively create opportunities for yourself to practice.

Learning most skills is super easy, and it normally doesn’t take longer than a quick Youtube video tutorial or Google search. The only problem is, you’re most likely going to forget what you just learnt if you don’t use it frequently enough.

I purposely use my new skills and knowledge as frequently as possible when I learn something new. It helps me transfer all that new knowledge into my long-term memory, which makes future use of it, effortless.

Write it out

This is another scientifically proven brain hack to learn faster. The act of writing things out and not just typing it into your phone or on your computer, can help you learn faster.

Taping buttons on a keyboards compared to moving your entire hand to write makes the process faster, but it’s because of this increase of speed that makes learning more difficult.

This sounds a little counter intuitive since this post is all about brain hacks to learn faster, but it’s true. The faster it takes to get a message from your brain to the outside world, the less you are actively thinking. This slows down your learning overall.

While the slower it takes to get a message from your brain to the outside world, the more your brain is actively thinking about it. This makes your learning more effective and thus faster.

Create notes or instructions for yourself and write them out. Start with initial rough notes that might not make sense and keep making better versions of these notes. You’re essentially organising your thinking process and helping yourself remember it.

5 brain hacks to learn faster

The same thing in different ways

This brain hack is all about getting your brain to do new things for the same reason. It’s been proven that the more methods you use to learn the easier it becomes to comprehend what you’re learning.

For example, if I was learning a language, I could learn by listening to music, watching TV, going on holiday, reading books, making friends etc. All of these are different methods and ways of using the same skill.

This accelerates your learning by ten folds compared to only using one method of learning because you’re forcing your brain to interact with the new information or skill in many different ways. It’s like training at the gym. You can’t simply do the same exercise forever to improve. You need change your workout from time to time to keep seeing results.

It’s the same thing for your brain. You can’t learn the same way forever and expect to keep seeing the same results. You need to change it up from time to time.

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