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An Overview of Kindle Publishing as an Industry and as a Business Model

An overview of the entire Kindle Publishing industry and business model so you can make a decision on whether it’s the right online business for you to start.

How to (pro-actively) get sponsored posts on your blog

Sponsors are typically brands or companies that give bloggers money in exchange for promoting their products on their platforms. Sponsorship can come in many forms, but the most common are [ … ]

Why is my blog failing: Your readers aren’t coming back

As fun, fulfilling and profitable a blog can be, the unfortunate truth is, many blogs fail. But before we continue with this post, let’s define failure first. As subjective as [ … ]

13 Email Marketing Tips for Affiliate Marketing
make money with kindle publishing
Luca De Stefani retires his Kindle course – what next?

This is a little overdue, since it’s been around 2 weeks since Luca De Stefani has retired from Kindle publishing. Why is this important? Because Luca De Stefani’s My Self [ … ]

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