I talk a lot about money here on MDW. Due to that, I need to have an earnings disclaimer.

Building a business takes a lot of time, hard work, and continuous learning. There is no guarantee that you will see the exact same results as I have seen over the years.

I have made every effort to accurately represent my products and services. The expressed potential of these products and services is subject to our interpretation.

Although the earning potential of my products is services have been mostly positive. You acknowledge that your earning potential is subject to many independent factors, all of which vary from person to person and are often out of anyone’s control.

Because of this, we make no warranty or guarantee of any kind that you will experience any specific level of earnings by using my products or services. Any examples or case studies I show should not be interpreted as any guarantee of earnings. I assert that my products and services are not “get rich quick” schemes. I am under no obligation to assist the verification of claims of earnings but may do so under personal discretion.

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