What is Financial Freedom?

There are a lot of interpretations to what financial freedom means, from not needing to maintain a job you hate, to being free from financial worries, both of which I’m very lucky to say I enjoy.

However, at MDW, financial freedom is defined as the ability to make life decisions without having your financial situation dictate or influence your available options.

This means the freedom to leave a job you’re not happy with. It means the freedom to plan beyond this month’s paycheck. It means the freedom to uphold your own personal values because your financial situation doesn’t force you to compromise. And much much more.

Here at MDW, I provide useful, practical advice to help you get out of debt, manage your money and start building wealth with passive income so you never need to let your financial situation dictate your available options in life. 

What is passive income?

Passive income in it’s simplest form is money you earn without actively working for it. You’re not trading your time to make money, instead passive income is income earned by valuable assets.

Assets are created by two methods, upfront capital or upfront effort. Here at MDW, I teach you how to use upfront effort to create passive income streams online. This way passive income isn’t just for the rich who can afford to buy rental properties, but for anyone with an internet connection.  

By learning how to use a little bit of upfront effort and time to build passive income streams now, you will enjoy a ton of financial freedom and time freedom soon after. 

My Story

I started my online passive income journey in the second half of 2015. I had just graduated from University and decided I didn’t want to work for someone else’s dream. So with zero experience and the little savings I had, I started an Etsy business to try my luck at online business.

7 months later, I stumbled upon passive income by accident and didn’t even know what it was at the time. I just knew my online business was getting consistent sales regardless of my effort. At that moment of realization of what was happening, I decided to dedicate myself to learning and acquiring passive income.

Fast forward another 18 months and I successfully achieved financial freedom in life. I didn’t do it with Etsy though, I did it with Kindle publishing. My Kindle Publishing business started generating $2000 per month in passive income within the first 18 months and it still provides me a steady income of $2000+ today.

3 months to breakeven and 6 months to reach a steady $1000 per month. 

But of course, it didn’t take me long to come to my senses and realize financial freedom isn’t an absolute state you achieve once and then have the luxury to forget. $2000 per month is great when you’re a young person with zero responsibilities and all you want to do is travel. But it’s not so much when you’re thinking long term and the eventual responsibilities I’m going to have to take on as I get older. So I used the free time my Kindle business gave me to create more passive income streams.

Since then I started email marketing, selling digital products and earning Adsense. The goal isn’t to be financially free now, but always. This very blog is were I sell my digital video courses so more people can learn how to do what I do and I benefit from an additional income stream. It’s also where most of my affiliate commissions come from. 

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