What is location independent living?

Location independent living is to live a life that is not bound by any physical location. It’s the philosophy that humans should be able to roam where they want, when they want. It’s a lifestyle all humans once had. But more and more people are adopting once again.

You’re not stuck at the place you live because of a job or mortgage. You can choose to live in Barcelona one day and buy a ticket to live in Bangkok next. It’s going back to our nomadic ways with a modern twist.

But it doesn’t mean it’s a life of constant movement. You can choose to not move at all if you’re exactly where you wish to be. But location independence is about having the personal liberty to choose and change your mind at any time.

how to be location independent?

The only way to be location independent before the internet existed was to be ultra rich. Now, you just need to be slightly more creative than 90% of people working location dependent jobs.

The easiest way to achieve location independence now is by doing remote work. This could mean having a career where you can work anywhere, which means a steady paycheck and the freedom to travel as you work. Or it could mean being a freelancer and finding jobs to do.

But the best way to achieve location independence now is by creating passive income streams online. It allows you to genuinely travel and explore instead of working in coffee shops around the world.

Passive income is income generated by valuable assets that can generate recurring income. This means you’re not trading time for money. The reason why I specifically say passive income online is because online assets can be created with very little money as long as you’re willing to put in upfront effort.

This ultimately means anyone can enjoy passive income and become location independent.

My Story

I started my online passive income journey the second half of 2015. I had just graduated from University and decided I didn’t want to work for someone else’s dream. So with zero experience and the little savings I had, I started an Etsy business to try my luck at online business.

7 months later, I stumbled upon passive income by accident and didn’t even know what it was at the time. I just knew my online business was getting consistent sales regardless of my effort. I then decided to dedicate myself to learning and acquiring passive income.

Fast forward another 18 months and I was officially living a location independent lifestyle. Travelling almost every month in comfort while maintaining a home base in Hong Kong. From spending months at a time in New York and Sydney to crazy adventures in Asia.   

I didn’t do it with Etsy though, I did it with Kindle publishing, my first passive income business. It started generating $2000 per month in passive income within the first 18 months and it still provides me a steady income of $2000+ today.

Just a few of many holiday snaps

Since then I started email marketing, selling digital products and earning Adsense. This very blog is where I sell my digital video courses so more people can learn how to do what I do and I benefit from an additional passive income stream. It’s also where most of my affiliate commissions come from. 

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