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Keyword research is almost 90% of your success indicator in the business. It's not 90% of the work, but it is the biggest factor in deciding whether you will succeed or not. A good keyword will see you make money within the first month and a bad keyword can see your initial investment gone forever. Learn how to find profitable keywords with these effective methods.

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The next most important activity of Kindle publishing after keyword research is the launch. A successful launch will skyrocket your book on the first page and grab most of the sales for that keyword. A bad launch will see your book make ZERO sales. There isn't much of an in-between, you either land on the first page and begin selling or you don't.

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One of the biggest rules in the Kindle business is to never stop publishing. Or at least that was the rule before. But, none of the above sounds ideal if passive income is your goal. And that’s where AMS comes in. AMS stands for Amazon Marketing Services. It’s the internal ad system they have to promote products.

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Kindle Keyword Research

Get an over-the-shoulder glimpse to exactly how I find profitable keywords. Learn how to easily find and shortlist potential keywords without using any sort of keyword research tools or software.

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Hiring a Great Ghostwriter

You don't have to be a good writer to succeed in Kindle publishing, you just need to hire people that can. Let me teach you the steps to ensure high quality work is written every time.

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Designing a Bestselling Cover

"Never judge a book by its cover" is just simply not true when you're selling a book online. Learning how to create a cover that looks professional and stands out from the competition is vital in boosting sales.

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The Upload and Launch

The second most important success factor of Kindle publishing is the launch, get this right and you can easily sit back and relax while you earn royalties. The bad news is, not many people get it right as so all that work looking for a good keyword goes to waste.

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3 for 1 strategy

The more products you have the more profit you'll make. Let me teach you how to change your one book into 3. Triple your earning potential with this step-by-step guide.

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Advanced Strategies

It's time to maximise your royalty earnings once you have a portfolio of books that are selling. Many publishers leave their business unoptimised. Learn how you can easily double your royalties with these 4 strategies.

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