Life-By-Design isn’t complicated

Wow! Thanks for dropping by and taking an interest in my journey to 360 balance. Be it genuine interest or casual curiosity; thank you for visiting this page.

If you’re asking yourself what “360 balance” means, then you should go Read my About Me page to understand why this concept is so important to this site. BUT if that sounds too troublesome then here’s a quick summary of it:

What does 360 balance mean?

  • The physical health to have the freedom to do what I want.
  • The financial freedom to do what I want whenever I want.
  • The mental freedom to never be afraid to go after what I want.
  • And lastly the social freedom to make my own decisions on what I want.

…all whilst minimizing any destructive or self-destructive consequences from doing so.

So now that you understand that, it’s time to get vulnerable and share my progress. Click on a year to read my goals for that year and whether I achieved it or not! (expect many failures because I tend to set massive goals. Hey, go hard or go home right?)

I’ll be updating and tracking my progress for the current year’s goal page periodically. Be sure to check in now and again to see how I do.