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We’re facing hard times from an unprecedented pandemic that is highly contagious with a long incubation period.

As long as people are moving, it will continue to spread because of asymptomatic spreaders.

And as governments put our health first, many of us will be faced with financial hardship due to lockdowns.

Companies are slashing jobs because they can’t afford the wages, and some are putting workers on unpaid leave.

My friends are included in the above two groups and at first, I thought the answer is to start a business online. But I soon realised, by the time they were in a zero cash inflow (no money coming in) situation, they didn’t have the luxury of starting any sort of business side hustle.

They needed something fast and more immediate.

My normal go-to answer of publishing ebooks online to earn royalties wouldn’t work for them if they didn’t have enough savings…one of the fastest online businesses to start bringing money in with; is still too slow for most people’s situation.

Because, although it took me 3 months to make profit, it still took me some trial and error to reach a steady income of $2000 a month with it.

In fact, sales are picking up because people need indoor entertainment more than ever now. But you can’t expect to enjoy the uptake in sales when you’re just starting out.

Times of adversity create opportunities, but only for those who are well prepared.

And so I had a harsh dose of reality. My normal advice only works for people with enough cash to buy themselves time to start an online business.

No matter how good of an opportunity it is to start your own online business, full-time or as a side hustle, you can’t do it without sufficient funds.

What you can do if you need cash fast!

Which is why, I took some time to research more immediate solutions for anyone in a hard situation.

Solutions that don’t take months to build an audience, a portfolio or traffic. Solutions that don’t take more than $100 to start.

Captioner for – Most consumer markets are down because people aren’t out spending their money, but indoor entertainment is in high demand.

Netflix is a great example of this and every video of theirs is captioned. is a big semi-automated transcription, caption and translation service provider for many of the biggest companies in the world.

They are constantly hiring and pay well. You get to choose how much you want to work with the arrangement being fully flexible to suit your needs.

You can find more info by clicking on this link.

English Tutor with VIPkid – China took hard measures for 3 months and it’s paying off now. The country is opening things up again with life getting back to normal.

VIPkid is one of the biggest online English learning services in the country.

Many people have already enjoyed making money with VIPkid during China’s lockdown because of school closures causing more signups, but with such a long time of no lessons, many parents will want the extra tutoring to catch up on lost time.

VIPkid pays up to $22 per hour, and just like you get full flexibility on work hours to suit your needs.

You can fine more info by clicking on this link.

Live Streaming – VIPkid requires all tutors to be 4-year degree holders and needs you to pass their assessment, which might be a barrier for some people.

So this can be a nice alternative to those who aren’t able to do the above two.

Live streaming might sound like a joke to most (depending on how old you are, or if you play computer games or not), but it’s a genuine income source for many people around the world.

Entertainment, especially indoor entertainment will survive and do well right now. Live streaming is one of those entertainment sources that many people enjoy.

And it’s easy to start. You can do anything from just chatting and eating, to playing games or doing a full on talk show discussion with viewers.

As long as you’re extroverted, ok with being on camera and good at engaging with people, then you’ll do well with live streaming.

You can start with Youtube and Twitch, which are the biggest streaming platforms you can monetise with.

What to do if you have at least 3 months of savings and still have a salary coming in


I cannot stress this enough. I’ve seen too many friends going on unpaid leave in recent months in Hong Kong and we have one of the richest governments in the world.

Things are only going to get tougher. If you still have a regular income, it’s time for you to prepare for when you don’t.

The above 3 suggestions I gave aren’t going to realistically cover the wages you lost, but they’re immediate.

So if you have some extra time, you have the luxury to start something more substantial.

I always recommend earning royalties with Amazon, from selling ebooks, paperbacks and audiobooks.

Sales are picking up with more people reading at home and it’s a lot faster than monetising a blog from scratch.

Drop shipping and affiliate marketing is struggling as overall demand for physical products decrease.

Download my free blueprint if you’d like to learn more about earning royalties on Amazon.

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