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If you’re selling ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle store then you need to learn Amazon SEO.

Many people in the industry trying to earn royalties concentrate their efforts on keywords, which is a part of SEO, but most people completely ignore everything else.

So here are 3 other big factors you should think about when self-publishing ebooks online to make passive income.

Kindle Keywords Don’t Just Appear In The Title

You may know the keyword is vital for ranking and attracting sales, and you may also know that the keyword is essentially the title of the book.

But The Keyword needs to also appear while you upload your book and fill in the meta data as well.

Naturally use your keywords in the description 2 – 3 times to optimise your SEO.

Use variations of your keyword in the 6 keywords during upload to maximise your keyword reach.

Also try to sprinkle in your keyword naturally within the content table of your actual book.

And lastly, you want to use your keyword in your AMS ads.

Availability Beyond ebooks

Amazon favours availability because they want to make a sale, which means the more options you give people to buy your product, the more Amazon will preference yours on search results.

This means, you need to make every possible version of your book. EVEN if it’s not going to bring too many sales in.

ebook, paperback, audio book and hardback, if you really want to get on Amazon’s good side.


A product that isn’t active is a product that isn’t selling.

The amount of activity your book gets is a strong SEO indicator for the algorithm to consider. Activities such as sales numbers and the frequency of sales, the frequency of reviews being posted as well as the the scores of those reviews.

All of these will show Amazon how active or inactive your book is.

Of course, you can’t directly influence any of these indicators with absolute results, but you can influence them through indirect behaviours such as:

Using Ads to increase visitor traffic to your sales page, which also increase your sales numbers. Encouraging reviews to be posted with incentive based action, and doing flash sales with book directories to drive sudden activity.

Covering Your Basics

It’s important to cover your basics and do them well before trying to implement more advance strategies.

If you’re new to Kindle publishing or making money with ebooks online, then I would suggest you follow the above tips first before you go searching for additional information.

You could also download my blueprint guide to my 6-step system, if you would like to get a comprehensive look at how to earn royalties on Amazon as a professional.

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