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(Hey lovely peeps, this post was sponsored by Tailwind app! I’ve used Tailwind app for over a year and can’t get enough of it, if you’d like to start a free trial then head over to my resources page found here I get a small commission if you choose to join the bandwagon of happy pinners after your trial)

Pinterest is an absolute goldmine for traffic because unlike other social media platforms that don’t like people leaving the site.

Pinterest doesn’t mind it.

What they care about is the frequency people are interacting with the content, not how long they interact with pins.

And to reflect that, Pinterest has made some changes recently to encourage a new set of best practices.

Pinterest Best Practices To Get A LOT of Traffic

Your Own Boards – Group boards were all the craze before, but not anymore.

I’m not saying group boards aren’t helpful, but Pinterest is really pushing for quality over quantity. Your own topic specific boards will most likely do a lot better than pinning to group boards that are spammy in nature.

What to do – Create multiple boards under your account on relevant topics to your niche. Make sure you use keywords and start pinning high quality pins to your boards to increase engagement.

Fresh Content – Content is King and forever will be.

Fresh content was always be important for Pinterest success, but it has never been as important as it is now.

Honestly, don’t anticipate to gain Pinterest traffic without creating a regular flow of fresh content for your account. Pinterest LOVES new content it hasn’t seen before because Pinterest users engage with new content more than content they’ve seen floating around in their feed several hundred times before.

What to do – Fresh content is a new pin that hasn’t been posted on Pinterest before. It can be a new pin for an old blog post or a new pin for brand new content on your site. My advice is to schedule a new pin everyday to get some of that Pinterest love.

Smart Pin Scheduling – Everyone hates SPAM and I’m sure you would never do it on purpose.

But mistakes happen, especially if you’re balancing all the group board rules, while trying to pin at optimal times in the day.

So it’s IMPORTANT that you have a very clear pinning schedule that re-pins your best performing pins at non-spammy intervals to specific boards.

By repining your best pins in a responsible manner, you can build your followers and monthly views in a short period of time.

What to do – Managing your Pinterest schedule is hard, especially if you’re making fresh content on the regular. But you can easily do this with the help of Tailwind app.

Tailwind app is a Pinterest scheduler software that will save you so much time and so many hair-ripping-frustrated-episodes. You can easily schedule and plan pins to boards with its visual scheduler, board lists and interval pinning tool.

It gets better though, because recently they updated Tailwind app with “SmartGuide”. It’s a built in monitor to help you avoid spammy behaviour and provides automated tips to pop up to improve your Pinterest game whenever you’re not meeting best practices.

Oh, and did I tell you how Tailwind app works with Pinterest directly to make sure their scheduler is always on Pinterest’s good book.

How I use Pinterest

Pinterest is a big traffic source for MDW. It’s been the easiest source of traffic for me and I can honestly say I owe my success to it because I use it in my sales funnel.

So, if you look at my account, you’ll see that I’m not big on Pinterest. I only have about 400k+ monthly views. But as I type this, those 400k+ translates to around 15k monthly page views to this site.

Visitors then find themselves going to a few places on my site, all of which have a monetised outcome. Such as this one, where you may want to check out my Tailwind link on my resource page.

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