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There’s so many ways to make money online, get a job or start a business, big or small. The ways to make money online are endless.

However, it doesn’t mean they’re all equal.

Some methods are hard to execute without a lot of money and experience in the field, such as blogging. Easy to start but hard to master.

Others are just not worth your time. Anyone can start, easy to do and easy to do well, but it just simple doesn’t pay very well. Online surveys is the best example of this. (who else is tired of reading another article about surveys!)

A legitimate way to make good money online

Have you heard of royalties before?

It’s the money intellectual property owners make when people use or purchase their creative assets.

and before you say you’re not a grammy winning artist or an Oscar winning director, I’m here to say, you don’t need talent to earn royalties.

Anyone can make royalties by paying for talent to create the intellectual property for you.

The way I do it is through ghostwriters writing books for me to sell on Amazon as ebooks, paperbacks and audio books.

I make $2000 every month like this, and I haven’t written a single book, but I own the rights to more than 40+ books that all make me money online.

How it works

Instead of being a talented writer, all you need to be is a great publisher.

What this means is being able to understand what people what to read (or listen to in the case of audio books) and then commission the actual talent to make it for you.

Once they are done, you pay them a flat rate fee for the service and you have full ownership over the intellectual property rights.

Amazon gives 70% of all profits to you, for each sale. A average performing books can easily make $300 a month from all the various formats. (paperbacks making the most money)

Who is this for?

Everyone, it’s for everyone. Though if I wanted to be very critical then I wouldn’t suggest this to anyone with more than $5000 to spare.

With that type of money, you can make bigger investments that will make more in return with even less work involved.

For everyone else, making money with books on Amazon is perfect.

If you have no experience to business, this is a great way to get started.

If you’re a busy person and don’t have a lot of time, then this is perfect because you only need an hour a day to make it work.

If you need something stable even if you might have a stable situation to work, then this is perfect because once the book is available for sale, it keeps selling.

Why it works?

  • Amazon is the world’s biggest English ebook market place
  • Ebooks are still growing in many countries untapped
  • You make a book once and get to sell it again and again and again and…you get the idea
  • You only pay 30% to Amazon for doing EVERYTHING else other than hiring a writer
  • Make 1 book or 100, the business is scalable
  • You can do this for an hour a day or just on the weekend
  • You don’t need experience to start

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