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There’s a lot of ways to make money nowadays thanks to the internet.

But they’re not all created equally.

Everyone by knows online surveys pay and it’s not a scam anymore, but they don’t pay well and you don’t control how many surveys you can do.

It’s not consistent and it’s not worth your time. You won’t even make minimum wage with it.

Then there’s the laundry list of apps that make you do various tasks in return for gift cards. Those are never worth it in my opinion.

The next batch of common go-to side hustles or side income streams people do are online shift work such as being virtual assistants, customer service reps and freelancing their skills on the marketplace.

These aren’t bad options, they can pay well if you have experience and work well. And it still allows you to work at home or anywhere with your laptop.

Great Income Streams to Get into Instead of Online Surveys

You don’t want to tolling away doing tedious, repetitive tasks that doesn’t pay well and takes waaay too much of your time…so here’s 2 options I think are great for everyone, no matter your personal situation.

Dropshipping High Ticket Items

Dropshipping is great because you can theoretically start absolutely free. You find suppliers and have them ship the products directly to the sales you make on your online shop.

This means, you act as a middle man for the supplier and customer.

You take the order, process the sale, but you don’t touch the product, nor need to pay for any stock.

You just need a website and traffic.

But I did say theoretically for a reason. You can create an online shop for free and find suppliers willing to work with you for free as well. However, getting free traffic is going to be hard.

Dropshipping works well with paid ad campaigns, and that will take a bit of money before sales start coming in like clockwork. We’re talking about a few thousand upfront.

This is why you should never sell low priced products, only aim for high ticket items. Otherwise it’s not worth it ad you might lose money before you make any.

Publishing Books On Amazon

Publishing books on Amazon is a great option for those who don’t have much experience with online based income streams.

The learning curve is not as intimidating, and the cost to start is low.

How it works is simple. You observe the Kindle store on the Amazon website and figure out what book topics are profitable.

Once you have an idea of what will sell, you hire freelancers to create the product for you.

You pay these freelancers once, but you get to sell endless copies of the book for profit on the marketplace.

This makes your income recurring and passive in nature. It’s a great way to create an additional stream of income with little time and little money upfront.

You can start with $250 in your pocket and use your profits to produce more and more books to build a bigger and bigger income stream.

I personally make $2000 per month by selling books on Amazon.

What should you choose?

Publishing books on Amazon is a lot cheaper, but the profits per sales is drastically lower. So if you’re going to go down this route, you want to produce many books.

The cost is lower and the risk is lower, but you need more products to make a sizeable income with it.

Dropshipping takes a lot of advertising money to succeed but you only need one good product to get the same results as publishing books on Amazon will.

Though of course, with bigger profits per sale, there’s also more risk of failure as well.

I think, if you don’t have much to invest and time then publishing books on Amazon is a better choice. But if you do have the money to invest then you should go for drop shipping.

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