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Pinterest is the hidden gem for many bloggers, ecommerce stores and even big brands as of recent. So before big brands push the small guy out of Pinterest, I thought its important to secure my spot on the platform by increasing my stats and presence.

I increased my monthly views by over 60,000 within 2 weeks and am still actively working to increase it further. You can check my numbers on my profile page here.

2 weeks is enough for me to notice a few key factors that helped my sudden increase. But before I start talking about what I did differently, I need to go over my starting point because I wasn’t starting from zero.

Pinterest Marketing case study on how I increased my pinterest traffic by 60,000 in 2 weeks.#pinteresttraffic #pinterestmarketing #pinterest #blogging
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Original Pinterest Marketing Strategy

I had roughly 230,000 monthly views before I started this case study. My prior strategy was to have no strategy.

I used group board to distribute my content across Pinterest and I used Tailwind app to schedule my pins. I only pinned my own content and I rarely pinned to my own personal boards.

Basically I had no schedule and I was just pinning frequently and regularly to keep myself relevant.

At my peak, I had around 500,000 monthly views but that was short lived and it dropped to 180k – 230k. Though, after starting this case study and reading Pinterest Marketing articles, I’m surprised how I managed to even get 230k in the first place.

What I did to Quickly Increase My Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest SEO – The first thing I did was to read up on Pinterest SEO. I didn’t change any of my existing pins, but with my new ones I targeted a keyword by placing it within my Pin design, within the description as well as using a hashtag.

I changed my existing personal boards – I went through my existing personal boards and edited the descriptions and titles to include keywords. The keywords I chose needed to be both relevant to my niche and popular on Pinterest. My niche isn’t very popular on Pinterest to begin with, so I just had to do my best.

I added more personal boards – on top of editing my existing personal board, I added new ones to let my profile have a wider reach on keywords to rank for. I found the keywords by simply using Pinterest search suggestions in the search bar.

I pruned my group boards – I’m still in the middle of this, but I deleted a few group boards that were not helping me. I did this by checking my Tailwind board stats to determine which group boards didn’t help distribute, or gain any sort of engagement.

I pin a 70:30 ratio – I pin other people’s pins to my personal boards now with a 70:30. 70% of my own and 30% of other people’s pins that are relevant to my board’s topic. I do this for another SEO reason. I wanted my boards to rank for the keywords, but this is only possible if I can get more reins. So instead of just pinning my own content, I pin other people’s content to attract a wider audience to my boards.

What Worked

Pinning to my personal boards – half my scheduled pins using Tailwind app is to my personal boards. This is the biggest change in my behaviour and so I can say this helped the most. Effectively it means I pin more to my personal boards and I pin less to my group boards now, with a 50:50 ratio between these two types.

Pinning 70:30 – pinning other people’s pins and not just my own helped expose my boards. I know this because I see how some of my pins increased in the number of impressions from boards that had very popular pins from other people.

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This case study is on-going and I expect my numbers to fluctuate in the coming weeks as I experiment. Watch my progress by following me on Pinterest here. You can see my monthly viewer count at any time.

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