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More and more people are working from home thanks to the internet. Many may have special work arrangements with their employers, but many more are making money online in a whole bunch of ways.

Let me share the 5 simplest ways to earn $100 per day with work from home ideas. All of the below work from home ideas are aimed for people with no prior experience in making money online, don’t have too much technical knowledge and don’t have a lot of available time to dedicate.

So let’s get started.

Retail Arbitrage

Retail arbitrage is first on the list because of how easy it is to do and how little time you need to spend on it, IF you do it correctly.

What is it?

5 easy ways to work from home with no experience needed to earn $100 per day.
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Retail arbitrage consists of you finding a product for a certain price at one location and then selling it for more at another location. This work from home idea is perfect for anyone located in North America were clothing items are always heavily discounted.

Simply head into any discount store such as Marshalls, Burlington etc and find items that are selling well on You can do this by checking the best selling rank shown on the sales page of every product.

Once you have a target, buy the item and then use Amazon FBA to sort everything else for you. You don’t need to worry about postage, storage or after sales support. You only need to worry about finding bargains to profit from the difference in price.

I never realised how profitable this was until my last visit to New York. I went to a Century 21 store and found a pair of Lacoste sneakers for $49, but the retail price on every online store I found was from $99 – $149.

That’s a massive profit margin! I think I would have built a whole retail arbitrage empire if I was based in the states.

It’s not difficult to do, not hard to learn, highly profitable and takes less than an hour each time for you to pop into a store near you.

Kindle Publishing

Kindle publishing is second on the list because of how easy it is to learn, how fast it is to start making money with, and most importantly, you can make it passive all without stepping foot outside.

What is it?

Amazon has a practical monopoly on English language e-books in the world and Kindle publishing takes advantage of Amazon’s popularity by earning royalties for selling publications on its Kindle store.

You do market research to discover what the market wants, then outsource the production to create an ebook, or the manuscript of such to sell on the Kindle store. You can sell e-books, paperbacks and audio books all from Amazon.

You earn 70% royalties for each e-book sell and paperbacks can earn more with much higher price points.

Its easy to learn because a lot of the process is outsourced. You just need to worry about identifying what the market wants. The best part about this work from home idea is that is can be 100% passive income if you want it to be.

Kindle publishing leverages Amazon’s search engine, which means once a book is for sale, the product will attract sales consistently without any further work. I consistently make $2 – 3k every month from Kindle publishing.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing is great for earning commissions as an affiliate marketer, because you don’t need to run a website or business. You just need a Pinterest business account to start making money.

What is it?

Pinterest marketing is where you promote specific products or services to the right audience on Pinterest by creating a sales funnel. It’s effective because of how easy it is to get Pinterest traffic compared with other social media platforms.

By creating pins (images you see on Pinterest), you can start directing people to your product via your affiliate links to earn money. The best part about Pinterest marketing is, you can do this with zero investment! Make money with no money at all.

Using Pinterest is free, you can use free image editing software such as Canva to make your Pin designs, and it’s free to become an affiliate to certain products and services. This is the easiest way to start making money from home if you don’t have any money to invest.

Start by joining affiliate program networks, setting up your business Pinterest account and a free weekly website to get your business Pinterest account.

Youtube Marketing

Youtube marketing works similarly to Pinterest marketing, but it is not free to start. This work from home idea is great for anyone with some money to invest.

What is it?

work from home ideas anyone can do without any prior experience needed.
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You join affiliate programs and then create Youtube ads to attract sales to earn affiliate commissions. This work from home idea works well because of Youtube’s popularity and the fact that you don’t pay Youtube anything until someone clicks on your ad, makes it highly profitable.

Youtube allows you to set-up ad campaigns depending on your objectives, so just because a person watches your ad, doesn’t mean you get charged. You can set it as such so you get charged when someone clicks on to the ad to learn more. This makes it very cost efficient.

And you don’t have to worry about creating the ad itself. You can outsource that part easily on various freelancing platforms like Fiverr, and upwork.

The only thing you need to do is join the affiliate programs and target your Youtube ads effectively to start making money!

Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing is great, because just like Pinterest, it’s very easy to get traffic and Instagram allows you to sell things directly from Instagram without the need to redirect your audience. This makes the buying process frictionless, encouraging more sales.

What is it?

Instagram marketing is pretty flexible. Sell affiliate products or services, drop ship, or sell your own products. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you tap into the Instagram market with the correct visuals.

Its all very easy because the marketing aspect is all done by visually appealing photos.

Make a pretty image and you will naturally get sales coming in because Instagram SEO is centred on hashtags. Hashtags help your images get found and there’s nothing complicated about it. It can be absolutely free to start and the speed of progress is a lot faster than retail arbitrage and Kindle publishing.

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