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Amazon advertising services have been around for a while now, but it was never full accepted or used within the Kindle publishing community.

Until now.

I started using Amazon’s internal marketing service to run campaigns when Amazon first rolled them out in late 2017. At the time, I noticed no one else was doing it and I thought it would be a great way to secure my book’s rankings.

I was right. And AMS sponsored ads are the main reason why my books keep selling so consistently. In fact, I no longer check my KDP dashboard. I check my AMS dashboard instead to make needed adjustments to make sure my advertising efforts stay profitable.

Fast forward to now, and Amazon marketing service ads is now called Amazon Advertising, and are an essential piece of the Kindle publishing business model. Your book will simply struggle to keep selling for more than a year without these sponsored ads running.

Amazon advertising is the reason why I can make $2000 every month passively. You can do it to if you learn these essential Amazon marketing tips.
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Which is why you must master your Amazon marketing service skills on top of your Kindle publishing skills. Here are some quick tips to improve your campaign performance.

Target the top of search to place your ads

Amazon advertising allows you to assign a ratio of your bid to a specific ad placement. Currently your sponsor ad could appear on top of search, within a product page or within search results.

The best place is at the top of search. This spot tends to convert the best compared to the other 2 places. So if you want to keep your advertising cost per sale as low as possible then you want to allocate most of your bid to “top of search”.

But this doesn’t mean you should put it to 100% to top of search.

Depending on which book is ranking currently and the quality of the book, you may find product page ad placements work very well.

And in another situation, if you find your book has failed to rank on the first page and is nowhere to be seen, then you can use search result ad placement to help it gain more exposure.

If your book was organically performing poorly, then trying to use an average bid would not give you good results. You may find a competitor’s book being shown instead. Meaning you would have to pay much more than the competition to get the top of search spot.

Instead, you can target the less favourable placement location. And help your book gain more exposure, more user engagement and thus slowly ranking further up in search overtime.

Always use a minimum of 50 targets for each campaign

Amazon advertising isn’t like KDP, you can target for as many keyword terms as you want.

You need to be taking advantage of this by targeting at least 50 keyword terms when you first create the campaign. This is a great Amazon advertising strategy that allows you to give your book a bigger footprint of exposure to capture more sales.

It also gives you a big enough sample of search terms to start analyzing how your target customer is searching on the Amazon Kindle store. This is because you will soon realize your search terms perform differently.

Some will attract the majority of your sales. A handful will be completely fruitless and the majority will make up the remaining sales.

You want to be paying close attention to the ones that outperform the rest and the ones that completely fail. These two groups of Amazon Kindle keywords will help you learn how your customers look for products on the Kindle store.

Which means you can update and continually improve your advertising campaign’s effectiveness.

Another good reason is that once you learn how people are searching for this one book, you can instantly apply it to similar books within the same niche.

Update your bids and budget monthly

Amazon marketing services is now called Amazon advertising and it is the best tool to make your sales passive!
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Setting a daily budget is a bit intimidating when you first create a campaign, but don’t fret. Start with $1-2. Amazon advertising will tell you if your advertising budget for a campaign has ran out.

If it has, then it is a sign your target keywords are either very competitive, have high click-through rates or your campaign is doing very well. If it is the latter, you want to increase. If it is the first two, then you will have to make the best decision for your own personal situation.

Your bids are automatically rolled out to every keyword target when you set it, but you can adjust the bid for individual targets. And this is exactly what you should be doing.

You have no idea how the campaign will perform when you first create it, but after the first month, you should effectively see what adjustments you need to make. Some keywords need a bigger bid, some keywords need to be cancelled etc.

You should never neglect your campaigns thinking you can ignore them once you do the initial work.

Adjusting your budget and bids is an important task you should be doing on a monthly basis. This is because the effectiveness of your campaigns is influenced by the market situation for your book.

Just because a bid of $0.40 was enough this month, doesn’t mean it is enough next month when there are 5 new competitors. All of which are running ads. (Just for example sake)

Make it a habit to check your performance every month. It doesn’t take long and it’s not hard to do. But this one little tip will keep your books selling strong for years.

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