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The internet moves fast. Algorithms are being tweaked, new methods are being deployed and internet marketers searching the web high and low for answers. Kindle Publishing, is no different.

Every year, well actually every 3 months or so there is an industry scare of what’s working and what’s not. And each time there is always pessimistic Patty’s saying things don’t work and there’s no money to be made.

(those people must live a sad sad life)

So here I am trying my best to fight the current and dispel all the nay sayers. Kindle Publishing is still alive and well people. It is still profitable to publish eboooks on KDP.

My Kindle income is still alive and kicking. It hasn’t dropped, but it does see the usual cyclical ups and downs throughout the year. (for example, Summer months are always slow) It’s still the same $2000+ per month.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is still profitable for publishers that understand the market. In fact, it will always be profitable for publishers that understand the market.

The reason is because Amazon made Kindle an open platform for anyone to enter if they wish. The barriers to start selling written content is so low, it’s virtually zero.

Gone are the days where you had to beg a big time publishing house to publish your content for you. You want to publish something. Publish it. No-one is stoping you.

Not only can you choose to publish whenever you want, you have a platform specifically made to cater to small publishers like you and I. Automated systems to deliver and format your book, someone else to sort out the returns and refunds (if any) and it’s all on a platform that people trust.

If you read the above and didn’t get excited about the business opportunity. Then congratulations, you’re right. Kindle publishing doesn’t work and it’s not profitable. For YOU.

BUT, for anyone with some common sense. The above is exciting stuff. It’s an honest business opportunity with low barriers of entry and low investment needs. Anyone willing to learn how the industry works and put the work in, WILL reap the rewards.

Will you get rich from Kindle Publishing? No, far from it.

But you can make a full time salary from it. That is a fact.

And depending on your current financial situation, you can even gain financial freedom from it because you can make your Kindle business passive.

So first off, Kindle publishing isn’t right for anyone who thinks money is going to simply fall onto your lap once you publish something onto the platform.

It’s not.

Second, Kindle publishing isn’t right for you if you think you’re going to get rich from it and start buying a new house in Manhattan or fill your garage with nice cars.

It’s not.

To those people, if you talk to them, they may say Kindle Publishing is a waste of time and doesn’t make any money. See, the thing is, most people online saying Kindle publishing isn’t profitable are the same internet people that think an extra $1000 per month is nothing. Or even an extra $500 is nothing.

Or they may be the ones that don’t make any money online and jump from one business idea to the next, every 3 months.

The Worries

Saturation is far from reality right now on Kindle. Yes, some keywords are highly competitive and a beginner should not enter those keywords, but the platform as a whole is far from saturated.

There are many great ever-green keywords that still have low competition.

There are many people making a killing on Kindle, a whole lot more than my humble $2000+ per month.

I see new publishers find keywords that are low in competition and are profitable all the time.

Is Kindle publishing in 2020 as easy as Kindle publishing in 2015? NO WAY, It has gotten harder, but it’s still early days and there’s still plenty of room for anyone wanting to join.

As long as you understand how to produce a book people want to read, and find markets on the Kindle platform that people are spending money in, then you will be profitable.

Another common worry people have about Kindle publishing is that the old “tricks” aren’t working anymore. There’s no way to “trick” the system.

Yes. It is no longer possible to “game” the system. You can’t put crap on the platform and sell it for money. You cannot manipulate the number of pages sold. You cannot plagiarise other people’s content and it’s highly frowned upon to use copyright and trademarks.

All very true.


But if you were getting into a business thinking it’s an industry full of loopholes and shortcuts to make money fast, then Kindle publishing is not right for you.

Maybe it was, once upon a time. But it’s not anymore.

Start a Kindle publishing business because you want to build something that will last and something that is passive.

It’s not a scam. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. It’s a business, so treat it like one. Stop thinking about shortcuts, tricks or loopholes.

You shouldn’t need to anyway. As long as you understand what the Kindle reader wants then you already have the skills it takes to make money from Kindle publishing in 2020.

The Facts

You have a trusted platform on the world’s second biggest e-commerce site and the world’s largest English ebook market place.

That’s a lot of people automatically going to ONE place on the internet for their written content needs. Millions of people, every single day to be exact.

You have a well oiled system that will make delivering, handling and selling your content easy. All you need to focus on is creating the content, and you don’t even have to write the book yourself. You just need to do the market research and then outsource the work!

You have a platform that is backed by such a large corporation, payment is never delayed. The whole thing is automated and you don’t need to worry about chasing Amazon for your royalty cheques.

Ebooks are cheaper than paperbacks and more and more people are opting to read books on their phones, tablets or Kindle readers. But this one doesn’t really matter, because a Kindle business also includes paperback and audio books.

Which leads me to this.

Amazon is not only the Goliath in ebooks, but also audio book distribution. Audio books include podcasts, where podcasts in USA is a $300+ million industry that’s almost double in size in the past 2 years.

It’s predicted to continue to grow at the same rate in the next 5.


It’s a platform meant for small time folks like you and me. It will never be made into a platform with a main focus on big publishing houses, because it just wouldn’t make Amazon the same amount of money.

That means you don’t need to worry about impossible competition. Sure there might be a big guy competing for a keyword and completely dominates it, but it’s not impossible to knock him off.

You’re competing with a guy that’s willing to put a few thousand AT MOST. Not a huge company putting in hundreds of thousands into their marketing efforts.

So you will always have a fighting chance at breaking into a keyword on the platform.

Is Kindle Publishing Right for You?

Well, that depends.

Anyone can do it, because it’s not hard to understand or acquire the skills needed. I always say Kindle publishing is the best online business anyone can start if they have no experience with making money online.

BUT, not everyone has what it takes to see it through and actually see results.

Many people don’t learn from mistakes and keep repeating the same ones over and over again.

Some people try every strategy they find online without letting any single one a chance to even succeed.


And others don’t have the personality to start a business of any kind. The ones that are impatient, get demotivated quickly or give up easily.

Otherwise, Kindle publishing is for anyone and everyone looking to earn some extra income on the side, or replace their full time income.

It’s. Not. Hard. (I can’t say this enough)

It’s been 4 years since I started my entrepreneurial journey and Kindle publishing is by far the easiest and most simplest business to start online. It only took me 3 months to breakeven.(although I started very slow so my expenses weren’t too high) And about 18 months to reach my current $2000+ per month.

Do You Want to Start Your Own Kindle Publishing Business?

Start learning how to start with my free 5-page blueprint. You’ll learn my 6-step system that has helped me make a steady $2000 in royalties every month.

Download the blueprint here. 

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