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Sponsors are typically brands or companies that give bloggers money in exchange for promoting their products on their platforms. Sponsorship can come in many forms, but the most common are sponsored posts, where a blogger will publish a blog post that helps the sponsor achieve what they want.

Many niche blogs make the bulk of their income from sponsored posts, but it’s surprisingly not very straight forward. Most sponsored posts are still organised and conducted privately between the blogger and brand directly. There typically isn’t any third party platform that helps automate or quicken the process.

This makes the learning curve a bit more intensive compared to monetising your blog with Adsense or affiliate products. But before you think sponsored posts aren’t worth your time, a typical sponsored post on a small blog can earn you up to $100.

Blogs that are highly niched and have a large audience can make $1000+ on a single post.

Below are 5 practical tips to help you land your first sponsor posts and start earning money with your blog.

Create a Media Kit

Any blog that is open to being sponsored or working with another party, will need a Media Kit on their site. A Media Kit should showcase your ability to advertise. It needs to include your basic stats such as number of page views per month, followers on social media and any other indicators of your ability to promote something.

Think of it as a way to promote yourself on your own site. The better you are at promoting yourself, the better you’ll be at promoting other brands and products.

Learn how to create a Media Kit from this tutorial:

Make it clear that you accept sponsor opportunities

It’s important that you take every opportunity you have to let people know you are open to do business. Create a business e-mail and place it on your profile pages across the internet. Add it in your contact me page, social media profiles and anywhere else that is suitable.

Let people know they can contact you for business opportunities by a simple sentence such as “Contact me via [email protected] if you would like to work with me.”

Most brands don’t go actively looking for bloggers, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them the option to contact you first.

Create a company database

Unfortunately, it’s not very common for small bloggers to get sponsor offers out of the blue. You need to be pro-actively reaching out to companies and brands about your willingness to promote for them. Create a spreadsheet of the contact details from companies and brands you like and want to work with. Then reach out to them one by one with a tailor made pitch.

You can track your progress with your sheet by marking, who you’re communicating with, when you made contact and of course the result of your pitch. It’s a simple but organised way to make sure you meet expectations.

You don’t want to accidentally miss a deadline or forget to reply. Many companies keep a database of their own and once you’re seen as “unreliable” you’re not going to get a second chance with them.

Join Blogger groups

Having a community always helps with getting opportunities. A lot of blog groups will share their successes, which include sponsors they get. It’s a great way to find out which brands are actually open to working with blogs.

Brands that have sponsored someone in your niche are more open to other sponsor opportunities with blogs.

Another reason to join groups is to form relationships with other bloggers that may have their very own products they want to promote. Theses bloggers tend to use their network and groups as the first stop of resource to advertise their products.

Be a part of the groups and you have access to these opportunities, don’t join and you probably will never know the opportunities exist.

Join a network

Just like Ad networks, sponsors have networks too. Join networks to easily get paired up with brands that are actively looking for bloggers to work with.

Join these networks to get yourself started:

  • Linqia – a reputable network that have a 2500 follower requirement on all social media accounts
  • Blog dash – a massive network with varied opportunities
  • BlogHer – a network that predominately targets blogs with female audiences

Other resources to check out:

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