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Earning Adsense is the first things people think of when they think of making money with a blog, and rightly so. It is the easiest way to start monetising your blog, because it doesn’t require any additional skills on your part. All you need is traffic.

The relationship between traffic and how much Adsense you earn isn’t absolute, but the relationship is strong. The story goes, the more traffic you have the more Adsense you will earn.

A lot of people are only aware of Google Adsense but it’s not the only Ad network that exists, there are 100’s, maybe even thousands if you include regional or language specific networks. Every network will offer different types of ads and payment schemes.

Which means, some are going to be inherently better than others. Here are 7 ad networks that are reputable, reliable and won’t spam your blog with low quality ads.

Google Adsense
The most popular Ad Network in the industry.
Relatively easy to join
Payout threshold = $100 USD
Offers CPC based ads

A popular choice for full-time bloggers
There’s a minimum traffic requirement to apply
Known to pay above average rates
Offers CPC, CPM & CPA based ads

A rather selective network with a waiting list
100,000 page views per month requirement to apply
Monthly payouts
The types of ads displayed are tailored to fit your website
An easy to use ad network with personal support
Easy to join and get started
Payout threshold = $100 USD
Offers CPC based ads

A great choice for blog that don’t convert
They offer different problems to publishers based on their views per month
Payout is made 60 days after the last day of the month
Offers PPV payment (great for new bloggers to start earning right away)

A massive ad network that is easy to join
No specific requirements needed
Payout is made 30 days after the last day of the month
Offers CPC based ads

A versatile ad network that offers many different types of high quality ads
Relatively easy to join
Payout threshold = $50 USD paid 45 days after the last day of the month
Offers CPC, CPM, CPV, CPA CPI based ads

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