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Luca De Stefani retires his Kindle course – what next?

 What you will learn:

  • What has happened to Luca's Kindle course
  • A comparison of all the most popular Kindle courses right now
  • A quick but honest review of each course

This is a little overdue, since it's been around 2 weeks since Luca De Stefani has retired from Kindle publishing.

Why is this important?

Because Luca De Stefani's My Self Publishing Revolution has been officially shut down. It no longer exists and no one is able to buy the course anymore.

Honestly, the news of his retirement from the industry it's not a big surprise for me. He has taken a gradual back step from Kindle over the past year, and the past year has seen many drastic changes from Amazon.

I think he realised he was no longer on top of things in the Kindle sphere and because of that, he decided to make the right decision to close his course. Because why sell a course that is no longer relevant to people?

Instead Luca has shifted his attention to his multi-level marketing business with MOBE. I personally don't agree with the business model, but he has found substantial success in the endeavour. So good for him. Live and let live, right? (but seriously, please avoid multi-level marketing schemes)

If you want to know more about it, you could read my review here.

So what does all of this mean for you?

Luca's course was one of the best courses in the Kindle industry. It wasn't the cheapest, but I can confidently say that the content was one of the best. Now that the course no longer exists, would-be publishers are going to have a harder time learning the trade.

Not that information about Kindle publishing isn't everywhere, it's just there is a lot of noise you need to sieve out.

I myself had bought a total of 3 Kindle courses and found only Luca's to be helpful. So there's a lot of bad courses out there and the average price for a Kindle course is $297 right now.

That's not a small sum for a few video lessons.

Here's a quick comparison of the current Kindle courses you might come across:

  1. Self Publishing Revolution - $599 was the best course and only course that I thought was worth your money and time. Unfortunately it's no longer open for sign-ups.
  2. KMM 2.0- $97 for the no frills option, but there are a lot of up-sells you need to buy in order to make this course valuable.
  3. Freedom Self Publishing - $297 has a facebook support group that isn't very active and I personally found the course to not help me, but it covers everything in one price.
  4. My Self-publishing Blueprint - $497 this course is the newest big release and is way over priced in my opinion because the content seems to be nothing special.

The above 4 are the biggest players in the Kindle course sphere and as you can see, three of the courses are very similar in name.

I'll just let you guess which are the copycats...*cough*Luca's course is the oldest of the three*cough*

(It's on the same level as Chinese fakes, but not even the good quality ones)

The industry of online courses seem to have a fascination for prices ending in 7. Many think it encourages people to buy more. I don't know how true that is, but personally I think every course listed above is overpriced and not worth it.

I bought Self-publishing Revolution for $199 as one of the first students. The price had sky rocketed since, but for $199, it was worth every penny spent.

KMM 2.0 is priced at $97, but what you get is of little value. Instead the $97 price tag is just a front door price where they can start selling you up-sells. These up-sells are useful and are actually what you want, but the big problem is the end price comes up to $300 with a $50 monthly subscription. 

Without the up-sells, you'll find what you get with the initial $97 is stuff you can simply Google search the answers for.

Freedom Self-publishing was also a course I got in early. I got the course for less than $100, I honestly don't remember the actual price because I quickly got a refund. The quality of the course does cover the whole process of the course, but it does feel very basic. I didn't benefit from this course at all.

My Self-publishing Blueprint is a new course that I don't have personal experience with. But going over the sales page of the course, I can see it stands out for one section in particular. It teaches you how to use e-mail marketing with Kindle publishing, which is normally ignored by other publishers.

Again, I don't know for sure how good the e-mail marketing part is, but looking at the other sections and lesson plans in the course, I would say it is VERY basic. The $497 price tag would only be for the special e-mail marketing section, which I would guess isn't as helpful as if you bought an e-mail marketing course instead.

A lot of courses is fluffed up to make it seem like there's a lot of content, but each lesson is only a few minutes long...

Ok, so I paint a rather bad picture for the above.

The fact of the matter is, I believe there is no course that exists right now that can replace the gap Luca De Stefani has created. His course covered everything from the absolute basics to advance level publishing, but his course's real advantage was his facebook group.

I learnt more strategies from the group than the course itself! And that's what people were paying for. Access to the group.

Without that sort of community and after sales care. I wouldn't pay more than $100 for a Kindle publishing course. 

I had only paid $199 for Luca's course because of his facebook group. Without the group, I wouldn't have bought the course.

I think anything above that price is not worth your money for Kindle. Realistically, you will make up to $5000 per month comfortably with this business method. It's not a lot of money compared to many other online businesses. So it doesn't justify the courses to have similar prices to blogging courses, drop shipping courses and or e-mail marketing courses.

My createspace royalties for June 2018 only. Not including my KDP or ACX.

Then what should you do?

Get my free Kindle publishing ebook guide. It's completely free, with no up-sells or any frills. It's just a straight-to-the-point ebook that walks you through the whole process.

My free ebook is enough for you to learn all the basics that most courses are selling for a handsome price. You can get started with the ebook alone if you're willing to learn on your own a bit.

But if you lack funds to learn from selling in the marketplace, or the patience to learn on your own then I have video lessons as well that show you in real time how to operate your Kindle business.

I have 6 video lessons that start from $10 to $20. There's only 6 lessons because each lesson is roughly an hour long in length. There are no 1 minute videos of fluff that many other courses have.

The video lessons are sold separately so you can pay only for what you want and need, instead of being forced to buy a whole course that covers many areas you don't need help in. I'm speaking from personal experience since most publishers buy more than one course to only want to improve their knowledge in one aspect.

Alternatively you can buy all 6 in one go for $70 and it'll come with a bonus lessons and worksheets. The bonus lessons covers tips on how to avoid making common mistakes beginners make. Such as how to receive your royalties faster if you're a non-US publisher, and so on.

Click to see for yourself

Why is it so cheap?

It's not, all the other courses are just over priced.

I don't have a facebook group because I don't think it's very passive if I had to continuously regulate the community. That alone stops me from selling at a higher price.

The video lessons don't have fancy graphics and my sales pages don't use any monthly subscription services other than the platform I sell on.

I think $100, (or $70 if you buy all 6 lessons in one go) is a fair price. Anything more and I'll feel like I'm cheating you, because Kindle publishing isn't rocket science. It really isn't. But you do need a guide to save you from a lot of potential grief.

And that's why I made a free option as well as a paid option.

Take a look at my video lessons here. The full course includes $30 worth of bonuses for free, which makes your total savings $60. Or just get the free ebook below to get started.

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