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 What you will learn:

  • How maintain your book rankings in the long run
  • How to make Kindle publishing a long term income stream
  • How much earning potential Kindle publishing has

“Kindle publishing isn’t a thing.”

“It’s just a fad.”

“It’ll end someday.”

“Isn’t all the big guys out of the game already?”

“If making money was that easy, no one would work in the world.”

I think you’ve heard all of the above and then some. I’m sure your belief in Kindle publishing has also experienced times of uncertainty. And it’s odd that I use the word “belief” when I’m talking about a business, but many a times the need for belief is vital for running your own business. I say this because you will see ups and downs in your income when you’re first starting out. Some of the causes will be from decisions and actions you make and others are the normal cyclical patterns in retail.

You can’t do much about the latter and it’s nothing you should worry about, but the former on the other hand is definitely something you should pay attention to.

Just because you reach a certain amount this month does not mean this amount will be guaranteed from now until forever. This is actually true for all forms of passive income. It’s not like unlocking levels in a game and the level stays unlocked for you to enjoy. Your Kindle income will and does diminish if you neglect it. And that’s why I want to talk about how to safeguard your Kindle income once you’ve established it.

Side note: How f*cked up would it be if game developers started locking levels up if you don’t play it after a while. You’ll be forced to binge play to finish the whole thing…on a second thought I think I just came up with the best way to get people addicted to video games.

Back to the post!

One of the biggest rules in the Kindle business is to never stop publishing. Or at least that was the rule before. Publishers everywhere were saying their income dropped once they stopped publishing new books and it made sense because there’s always constantly new publications fighting for sales. So if you decide to stop fighting for attention, your book sales will naturally drop. By publishing new books under the same pen name, in the same niche; you can maintain the relevance of all other books in your portfolio.

But of course, none of the above sounds ideal if passive income is your goal. Publishers were pumping out anywhere from 4-10 books a month to do this maintenance work. It’s a fairly sizeable monthly expense needed and time commitment. Nowhere near full-time working hours, but significant enough to get in the way of other projects you want to do in life.

And that’s where AMS comes in.

AMS stands for Amazon Marketing Services. It’s the internal ad system they have to promote products. You can create ad campaigns to promote your books and it’s the secret to making Kindle income last in the long term without continuously publishing more books.

Successful ad campaigns can effectively keep your books relevant in the system without you needing to put in continuous active work in. It works by making sure people are always able to find your book regardless of your book’s rankings. But the magic in all of this is the mutual feedback loop an AMS campaign can create for your book. Your initial book ranking will influence the effectiveness of your campaign and by running your campaign, your book will maintain it’s ranking. It’s just a very positive feedback loop.

Yes. I scratched that into a notebook instead of making a pretty graphic on powerpoint…

I started using AMS ads for over 6 months and I’ve seen immense ROIs in the 300%+ region. It’s also one of the biggest reason why I have confidently chosen to take a step back and focus on other passive income streams. And so far, my income has been incredibly stable without me being hands on for over 4 months now.

I learnt everything I know about AMS from Dave on Kindlepreneur. He has a free AMS course that’ll teach you everything you need to make AMS work for you. I cannot compliment this course enough because it’s amazing how Dave is willing to give this course out for free. The amount of information and the level of detail it provides matches any premium course you can find elsewhere. Don’t think for a second he cut corners on this course, it’s quality material made professionally and delivered incredibly well. Dave has been a great teacher in the Kindle sphere and knows what he’s talking about.

So if you’re serious about making Kindle work for you in the long-term, then do yourself a favour and get his course. Go through it and start implementing what you learn. If you do it properly, you’ll need that much less belief in Kindle business and relax knowing your income is safeguarded for the long haul.

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Dave’s Free AMS course

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