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I have an awesome treat for you guys today. This is going to be one of the most valuable Amazon Kindle publishing posts you’ll find online or anywhere else.

I’m going to share with you the top 10 most profitable Kindle publishing niches that you can publish in and use right now. But before I share this million dollar list of niches with you, it’s important that you fully understand what a kindle publishing niche is.

A lot of people confuse a publishing niche with a publishing keyword.

They aren’t the same guys.

A Kindle publishing niche is a market, while a Kindle keyword is a book topic. It’s really important you understand the difference, or else you’ll find your books never making you any money. I fell into this trap when I first started and it took me a while to really wrap my head around the difference, because NO ONE, not one single “Kindle publishing guru” out there would explain it in plain English.

So let me do it instead, because I’ve already learnt from my own mistakes.

"if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein

So let me do what they are not willing to: give you a few easy to understand examples to clarify.

Example 1: Kindle Publishing Niche = Homeopathy >>> Kindle Keyword = Oil Pulling

Example 2: Kindle Publishing Niche = Weight loss   >>> Kindle Keyword = Ketogenic Diet

Example 3: Kindle Publishing Niche = Travel            >>> Kindle Keyword = Backpacking

The 3 examples above should start getting your head thinking in the right direction. You can see the niche is the broader subject area, while the keyword is a specific topic within the subject. And that’s all there is to it.

The niche is the subject and the keyword is the topic.

OK, now you understand that, we can jump right into the money list! The following are the most profitable Kindle niches on Amazon, they’ve been profitable since day 1 and will continue to be profitable because they are evergreen subjects. Readers are always looking for new content in these niches.

The truth is, people only have a handful of problems that keep them up at night or at the very least stress them out. These problems are the niches you want to target because these are the niches everyone needs a solution for.

Create a product that solves a problem and people will buy it.

Top 10 Kindle Niches

profitable kindle niches

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Romance novels (fiction)  – this is a big niche within the Kindle store on Amazon. This niche would be great for anyone looking to publish fiction books and want to build a loyal readership with a consistent brand and portfolio of publications.

The biggest audience within this market are women who are looking for an escape from reality. Which, we all know “escapism” is a massive and addictive market to get into, think, computer games, movies, K-pop, TV dramas.  Hit the right spot and your readers will come back for more and more.

The buying nature within this niche is frequent and regular. The value of each customer is much higher than non-fiction niches because entertainment doesn’t solve a problem, instead it treats it. In this case, you’re treating boredom or stress, and boredom or stress doesn’t just go away, it always comes back.

This isn’t a great Kindle niche to enter if you don’t care about building a brand because Kindle publishing with fiction books only work with consistent branding.

Health & Fitness – this niche is a massive genre within the Amazon Kindle store. Although all publications within this Kindle niche should help people become healthier, there are two main sub-niches within health & fitness, improve self-esteem issues or improve existing health issues.

The number of possible keywords within this niche are extremely plentiful, which means there are many bad ones, but its on the list because it also consist of many hidden keywords that are extremely profitable. What I mean by this is that to make this niche work for you, you must do very detailed keyword research, but if you do it well then you can find profitable keywords to dominate very easily. These Kindle keywords will easily make money consistently for years.

Self-help – this Kindle niche is rather broad but a popular genre for North Americans. Self-help books include anything from how to clean your house to how to talk to people and everything in-between.

The Kindle store is still a platform within Amazon, America’s biggest retailer. And there’s a big culture of self-improvement in USA, where people actively seek information to improve specific aspects of them selves. The main difficulty with this Amazon niche is that the Kindle keywords tend to be entire phrases. So keyword research isn’t for the faint of heart in this niche, however it has huge potential for anyone wanting to build a brand while publishing non-fiction books.

You could effectively build an entire portfolio of self-help publications under one brand and each individual book will enjoy the collective popularity of the whole collection.

Religion – this Kindle niche is not for the faint of heart because it can get very technical very fast, and your target audience are knowledgable individuals. However, it’s a market with huge demand but relatively low supply. So this niche is perfect for anyone qualified to enter. (I don’t mean writing your own books, but you will still need to be rather knowledgable yourself to hire competent writers)

The biggest sub-niche within books that have a religious theme are Christian self-help, which means you can also build an extensive portfolio of books under one brand and each book will enjoy the benefits of the whole brand value.

Information Technology – Another technical Kindle niche. It’s extremely profitable but this niche inherently has a major flaw. Successful publications within this niche have a maximum of 1 – 3 years of relevancy before it becomes “useless”. This is because technology is constantly changing and new stuff is being released all the time. So keywords in this niche are not evergreen.

However, this niche is on the list because the amount of money you can make with a successful book for a few years is still a lot more than most books in another evergreen Amazon Kindle niche.

The keyword to success within this niche is fast production.

Entrepreneurship – the recent trend to be more proactive in your own financial security has made this niche very popular on the Kindle store. Your aim is to solve their desire to make money. Almost everyone wants more money so the keywords within in this niche are rather evergreen, and there are many ways to make money these days, so the potential within this niche are huge.

The audience within this niche are looking for clear answers, so publications can be relatively short and the writing doesn’t have to be too technical which makes this niche rather attractive for new publishers.

Alternative Medicine – Home remedies, alternative medicine is not a big market within the Kindle store, but these markets are very profitable on Amazon. The audiences of these types of books tend to buy multiple books about the same topic.

The keywords within these niches are a little hard to find, if you yourself are not knowledgable with alternative medicine and finding writers capable of writing quality work is a little difficult. Because your target audience are most likely knowledgable within the topic area and are looking for further information to expand their knowledge. This niche can get very technical very fast, similar to religion.

Young readers – this Kindle oublishing niche can be both fiction or non-fiction. Young readers just mean books that are appropriate for young children. This means the writing style and topic areas.

Young readers is a great niche on Amazon because if you go into fiction then kids tend to be loyal readers if you can give them something entertaining. Parents don’t refuse their kids if they want to read more. (don’t be surprised to find people buying your whole collection or several at one time…anything to get kids to read a book!)

If you go into non-fiction then many parents are actively looking for resources that can help their kids learn better. The alphabet, simple science theories, a second language, the possibilities for young reader non-fiction is endless.

Fiction is even easier, make the books easy and entertaining and with the right marketing strategy, you can have a viral hit!

Finance and investment – although more and more people are looking to learn how to make more money by starting a business, many more just simply need help learning how to manage the money they have already.

It’s a very common problem most people have, which people would be willing to pay for a solution for. This niche is great if you find keywords that aren’t too competitive. The writing can be technical, but it doesn’t have to be, it just has to clearly be able to solve a specific financial problem your reader has.

Sci-fi (fiction) – if romance novels are mainly read by women then sci-fi readers are mostly men. It works for the same exact reason, escapism. But sci-fi works a bit differently than romance novel because you can create an entire collection based on the same universe and characters. This encourages readers to buy more, so the average customer value within the sci=fi niche is greater than many other fiction niches.

There you have it, I just let the cat out of the bag. BIG time. Use the above list to start looking for keywords and you’ll increase your profits within months. The above niches all answer and solve common problems many people have. And that’s what determines the size of a market. “How many people have the same problem?”

How many people in the world are looking for escapism in their life with a romance novel or a sci-fi trilogy? How many people want to lose weight or gain muscle? A.K.A look better. How many people feel insufficient and want to improve themselves?

Identify common problems people have and you will be able to identify niches in the Amazon Kindle market.

What makes a niche worth your time is the size of the market and whether it’s evergreen. People’s wish to live long lives will never go out of fashion and so, health and fitness or medical content will also never go out of fashion. Humanity will never stop looking and consuming this sort of content.

Those are the type of Kindle publishing niches you need to enter, because you don’t want to enter trends or fads that see your sales die off eventually.

If you want to learn more about Kindle publishing, then download my free 5-page blueprint that goes over my 6-step system. 

Happy publishing peeps.

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    Hi Winnie
    what is your advice for people who wants to public other topics?
    did your books fall into one of these top topics or you write based on your experience? thanks in advance.

    1. Winnie MD

      I always publish within the these niches. But not all keywords within these niches are profitable. Kindle publishing is about identifying what the market wants and not what YOU want to write or produce. So if what YOU want to write is what the MARKET wants, then sure, you can publish in other niches. This list is no the only niches that make money, they are just the easiest from my experience.

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