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“Is it too late to start a blog?”

The age old question many ask themselves, and many more use, to excuse themselves from ever starting. Here’s the answer for you.

It’s never too late.

And I’ll tell you why.

There are 7.6 BILLION people on earth.

There are 4 BILLION internet users and out of those 4 billion

There are roughly 1 BILLION blogs.

Over half of which are MICRO-blogs such as Tumblr, which doesn’t really count if you’re only thinking about blogs that make a full-time income.

It’s a better time than any to start a blog and start earning money from doing what you enjoy. The number of internet users will only ever increase, as will the number of blogs, but from the numbers above it’s obvious it’s far from “too late”.

But that’s not the point. What if there were 7.6 billion blogs for 7.6 billion people. Full blown blogs in the world. 1 blog for each person. Would that put you off? Would you suddenly look at those numbers and throw your hands in the air and say “well, I guess there’e no more room for me”




  1. Who reads only one blog!? No one only reads one blog.
  2. There is ALWAYS room for another blog on any topic, niche, market, industry etc you want to enter. Blogs come and go constantly, and room is always made for new ones that capture the attention of readers

Even if there’s a blog that covers the same topic(s) as you, you have a unique voice you can share. Everyone writes differently and have their own style, which is one of the reasons why people love reading blogs.

Blogs are personable, they’re intimate and relatable.

Meaning people are always looking for a blog they can relate to and that talks to them on the same wave-length.

If you have a blog about crocodiles, your goal isn’t to make everyone who is interested in crocodiles to read your blog. It doesn’t work. Because you cannot possible write in a way that fits everyone’s needs. Instead your goal is to write for a certain demographic of people who are interested in crocodiles.

I’m not the first person to have a blog about passive income and living life on my own terms, but people like you, still come and read my posts because they’re relatable. More so than the next blog, or maybe not and you read several but you find my posts provide a unique angle other blogs don’t. Whatever the reason, this blog isn’t the first of it’s kind nor last to be created, but people still find their way here and enjoy what I have to share.

And it’s the same for every blog.

People who enjoy your writing style and content will always find you and come back for more.

You could have a blog for anything and people will find you as long as your writing is relatable. Which means, you need to have a good grasp on what you’re writing about. Better yet, be passionate about the topics you’re writing about and stay consistent to your style. The easiest way to be consistent is to simply be yourself.

By the way, if you want to lose readers fast, then not being authentic is the surest way to achieve this.

I know what you might be thinking right now. “Okay Winnie, but what if, what I’m passionate about is really really really niche? what are the chances of my blog ever gaining traction?”

Apparently people have pet rocks for real. A whole community of rock collectors. Maybe without the googly eyes but you get the point about niche.

Have no fear, there are around 4 BILLION regular internet users. And your blog doesn’t actually need THAT many people to make it worth it. To be exact, the traffic numbers of a blog is only an indication of it’s profitability, but it’s not a very accurate one for small to medium sized blogs. Because not every reader is worth the same. 1,000 loyal readers that buy your merch or use your links are worth so much more than 10,000 casual readers that don’t go through with any monetising action on your site.

If anything, a niche audience that doesn’t have many alternatives is an absolute goldmine, because they’re loyal and hungry for content. Don’t be afraid to start that blog on something most people have never even heard about. Your keywords would be less competitive and your readers will be loyal.


However I will say this. Although you can start a blog on anything. and I mean ANYTHING. You need to be aware of the ways you can monetise, because not all methods will work for every blog.

Example time.

A niche blog that has a small but loyal readership isn’t going to depend on adsense income. So it wouldn’t even make sense to put your efforts in that direction.

But a loyal readership will most likely respect and trust the blogger’s opinions enough to buy what they recommend, which makes affiliate marketing perfect. Or even buy what they are selling, such as merch. A ton of small blogs survive off selling merch to their loyal readers and this would only work if the blog has a very strong consistent brand. It wouldn’t work for a blog that covers too many topics, or has too many guest posts. The brand becomes too diluted for anyone wanting to buy a wristband, phone case or the likes with your blog name on it.

But there’ always a way to monetise, you just need to know which way is best suited for your blog niche.

So no, it isn’t too late to start a blog. Start one today and you’ll be one-step closer to making money online.

You can check out my ebook guide to learn the profitable blog formula that can help even small blogs make a full-time income. 

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