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The law of attraction. Where do I even begin.

It seems like it’s been the buzz word for the last decade within the self-help sphere. And for good reason, for once we have a term to cover the underlying message every great self-help guru has been saying.

The power of thought!

Every great self-help guru, motivational speaker and life coach has put the power of thought as a core principle. They may call it different names, and practice it in different ways or deliver the message differently, but the fundamental idea stays the same.

  1. You’re in control of your world
  2. You control it by first controlling your thoughts

This idea is also true in psychology, with cognitive behavioural therapy being a great example of how you can change yourself and your world by changing your thinking process. Though, cognitive behavioural therapy is more for treating anxiety rather than “manifesting” a million dollars into your life.

F**K 1 million when you can have a hundred TRILLION! XD

Which brings me to an important reality check everyone should have. The law of attraction, from my own understanding isn’t magic voodoo. It’s just a simple but very effective manipulation of your own perception and thoughts. So, a million dollars isn’t exactly going to fall onto your lap just because you were thinking about it the “right” way. BUT the right perception towards money can definitely put you in a position to earn a million dollars in your life.

And that’s why everyone should practice the law of attraction. The right perception towards a situation can dictate what you get out of it. Stand 100 people side by side and present them with the same situation; you will get 100 different sets of emotions, conclusions, ideas and thoughts. Out of those 100, some will always be more positive, advantageous and productive than the rest. Your aim is to be one of the “some”.

There are many little law of attraction exercises that all help with developing a more positive, productive and advantageous thinking process. The idea is to practice these exercises so often it becomes natural. Effortless. and your thoughts will eventually shape your feelings and thus your behaviour. It’s a bit like task goals from my previous post, except task goals focus on a singular behaviour to influence a result, whereas the law of attraction is focusing on your thoughts to influence your results. They’re complimentary to one another for achieving focused goals.

Let me use the same running example from the task goal post.

If someone gave themselves the task goal of running for 30 minutes everyday and they follow through with it. It’s safe to say they’ll end up running a longer distance within 30 minutes eventually. But what if that person doesn’t follow through and ends up skipping days. Or even worse stopping after an enthusiastic start. The person would most likely not improve at all. The question is, what makes the person skip days or stop completely?

Sometimes it is due to circumstance; genuine reasons that you just can’t do anything about, but most of the time it’s a problem of perception. Your perception of your own abilities and your perception of your own environment. If you already think you can’t run everyday, you will feel like it’s hard work every time you do go running, and then your behaviour will make that perception come true. Almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If it works negatively, it also works positively as well.

I think (I hope) you already see where this is going.

I. REALLY. HOPE. it’s-obvious-what-i’m-getting-at

If there are aspects of your life you’re not happy with right now or goals you are unable to achieve then there’s a problem with your thoughts. Thoughts you need to begin changing right away, because you CAN! Change your thoughts, and you change your behaviour.

The runner who believes they can run everyday will run everyday and progress will be an effortless byproduct.

Catch yourself when you’re thinking negatively.

Catch yourself when your inner voice tells you, you can’t do it.

Catch yourself, and then stop.

Stop the thought process and begin consciously creating another one that’s beneficial. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s extremely powerful. The act of changing your thoughts is all it takes to change your life.

A simple law of attraction exercise I like to practice is listing out everything you’re happy and grateful for in the morning. I don’t write it down or anything, but I mentally list a few things I feel very grateful for as I go about my morning.

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