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What’s up Hustlers! Hope you’re having a lovely day. I took the time to brainstorm 100 ways to make passive income this afternoon because a lot of people seem to think there’s only a handful of methods. That’s so far from the truth and anyone who can’t list at least 20 on the top of their head shouldn’t be someone you take passive income advice from.

Sounds mean, but I’m serious.

If they can’t list at least 20 ways immediately, then they obviously aren’t obsessed enough to be knowledgable advice givers. (This goes for everything. You want the person to know more than you if you’re going to take their advice.)

I’m kinda writing this post out of annoyance, because I’m just tired of people saying the same things that only ever brush the surface of passive income. No one needs another video or articles about, kindle publishing, a shopify dropshipping store or blogging. You’re obviously looking for something more than these 3 methods. (though, these 3 methods have the lowest barriers to entry and have a fast ROi…but I’ll talk about that some other day)

So here’s my list of 100 ways to make passive income. There are both online and offline based methods, as well as upfront capital and sweat capital methods. All these methods work in theory and in practice. From what I understand, this IS the longest list of passive income ideas available online. No one has made a longer list than 40.

I stand corrected. It’s 43.
  1. Royalties from ebooks

  2. Royalties from audio books

  3. Royalties from print on demand paperback books

  4. Royalties from article writing

  5. Royalties from audio samples

  6. Royalties from songwriting

  7. Royalties from soundtracks

  8. Adsense from YouTube

  9. Adsense from niche websites

  10. Adsense from blogs

  11. Adsense from freemium apps

  12. Affiliate maketing commissions on YouTube

  13. Affiliate marketing commissions on niche websites

  14. Affiliate marketing commissions on blogs

  15. Affiliate marketing commissions in emails

  16. Affiliate marketing commissions in ebooks

  17. Affiliate marketing commissions in up-sells

  18. Affiliate marketing commissions by paid ads

  19. Sales from video courses

  20. Sales from monthly subscription based video content

  21. Sales from monthly subscription based audio content (podcast)

  22. Sales from audio content

  23. Sales from digital files

  24. Sales from digital designs such as themes and templates

  25. Sales from apps

  26. Sales from freemium up-sells

  27. Sales from information products

  28. Sales from selling membership only premium content

  29. Dividends from stocks

  30. Dividends from bonds

  31. Capital gains from stocks

  32. Capital gains from index funds

  33. Capital gains from real estate

  34. Capital gains from collectables

  35. Rental income from real estate

  36. Rental income from multi-family unit properties

  37. Rental income from storage space

  38. Rental income from expensive niche related equipment

  39. Rental income from P2P car lending

  40. Rental income from parking spaces

  41. Profits from a dropshipping store

  42. Profits from a monthly subscription dropshipping store

  43. Profits from a POD store

  44. Profits from a POD market place store

  45. Profit from Amazon FBA

  46. Profits from vending machines

  47. Profits from a laundromat

  48. Profits from an automatic carwash station

  49. Profits from game machines

  50. Profits from being a silent partner of a business

  51. Profits from retail arbitrage

  52. Profits from airbnb arbitrage

  53. Profits from service arbitrage

  54. License and royalty fees from a franchise

  55. License fees from stock photos

  56. License fees from digital artwork

  57. License fees from digital software

  58. License fees from SAAS

  59. Interest from P2P lending

  60. Interest from a high yield savings account

  61. Interest from a CD ladder

  62. Interest from a foreign currency account

  63. Cash back from credit card spending

  64. Cash back from shopping apps

  65. Rewards from loyalty programs on everyday spending

  66. Reward programs for air miles

  67. Sell advertising space on niche websites

  68. Sell advertising space on a blog

  69. Sell advertising space on your car

  70. Sell advertising space on property

  71. Sell excess electric from solar power

  72. Buy a profitable blog

  73. Buy a profitable dropshipping store

  74. Buy a profitable YouTube channel

  75. Buy a profitable KDP account

  76. Buy a profitable Createspace account

  77. Buy a profitable ACX account

  78. Buy a profitable Amazon seller account

  79. Buy the rights of profitable intellectual property

  80. Commissions from MLM sales

  81. Commissions from a broker website

  82. Run a trailer park

  83. Run a cyber cafe

  84. Run coin operated arcade games

  85. Run a batting cage

  86. Run a solar farm

  87. Run a no frills 24/7 fitness centre

  88. Invest in crowdfunded real estate

  89. Invest in REITs

  90. Investing in land notes

  91. Transaction fees from hosting an ATM machine

  92. Transaction fees from a marketplace site

  93. Donations for niche related content

  94. Automate an active business model

  95. Dropshipping from paid ads

  96. Investing with Etoro copies

  97. Management fees from a savings club

  98. Mining cryptocurrency coins

  99. Get paid to share your CPU capacity online

  100. Lease out websites

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  1. Tymbre

    Wow! There are so many opportunities on the internet. This is a very informative post and sharing. Some people look at me crazy when I talk about making money online. This is clear and precise.

    Thank you for posting this ­čÖé

    1. Winnie MD

      Happy you enjoyed it. The crazy part is this isn’t all of it. The possibilities are endless as long as you understand what passive income is and how it works.

  2. Owen

    hi! this is a excellent website and i constantly enjoy the information posted below. Bookmarked and shared. Many thanks yet again!

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