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UPDATE: Luca De Stefani’s Self Publishing Revolution course is no longer operating. He has retired from the industry and no longer teaches or, are aware of the continuous changes to the Kindle industry. If you’re still looking for a way to learn how to do this properly and earn a full time passive income with Kindle, then download my free 5-page blueprint to start learning with zero risk and zero commitment. DOWNLOAD IT HERE

I teach everything I know, which also includes what Luca had taught me as well as updated strategies and methods for the recent Kindle changes.


I think it’s about time I wrote a review for Luca’s course, My Self Publishing Revolution. It’s the course that helped me double my royalties within the first month of implementation, and I’m still a strong believer that his course is the most effective for Kindle publishing.

I’ve actually tried a handful of kindle publishing courses, 4 to be exact but I only recommend 2 of them if anyone asks. One of them being My Self Publishing Revolution, created by Luca De Stefani. His course is one of the more expensive kindle courses out there, but he doesn’t have any upsells like the rest. So if you take that into account, his course is actually not expensive comparatively speaking. I bought the course for $199 when it was still new when it didn’t have a proven track record for success. Since then, Luca has risen the price a few times, and it’s selling for $599 now. 

What does the course include:

The course is broken into 3 main sections, 6 sub-sections and a total of 40 video lessons and a handful of PDF. files.

Just a small sample of what’s inside

The course shows you exactly how to find profitable keywords with an over the shoulder video that’s more than 20 minutes long. From there he provides you exactly what you need to do to get the book produced, with recommended resources he vouches for. This is the first section.

I personally found the over the shoulder keyword video the most valuable video in the entire course. Luca doesn’t just show you how he goes about finding keywords but he gives real time narration on how he analyzes the keywords. 

The second section is about ranking and launching your book. Luca focuses on review swapping in this section, but the reason for this is he assumes you’re starting from scratch with no audience, reputation or track record. He has 2 other sub-sections for organic reviews, but advocates the use of review swapping for complete beginners.

You need to do this for long-term results

The last main section is focused on createspace; the print on demand subsidiary of Amazon. There, you can change all your e-books into paperback to widen your potential market. Luca De Stafani will show you everything needed to get your books converted and set-up for sales.

This section includes one particular strategy that resulted in doubling my royalties within one month. So be sure to pay attention to this section if you do join.

Most courses don’t put any focus on createspace and the most they will do is to simply tell you to do it. My Self Publishing Revolution on the other hand, provide specific strategies to maximize paperback royalties.

The 3 main sections are enough for you to get started and earn money. The sub-sections add onto the foundation by providing ways to make your business more efficient and passive. Luca De Stefani answers a lot of common questions, address many more common misconceptions about the business, and let’s you know exactly what you should be expecting.

Who is Luca?

Big Luca

Luca De Stefani is an Italian internet marketer that has rose up within the industry over the past few years. He got his first break in Kindle publishing, where he famously made $10,000 in one day. But he also does affiliate marketing and owns Big Luca Academy, a place where he teaches everything he knows in various video courses.

His students are some of the fastest growing internet marketers out there and he has an extremely loyal following because of his consistent results.

However, Luca isn’t too active in his Kindle business anymore. He has turned his focus onto affiliate marketing and MLM, which is a little controversial. I still think the course is relevant, but with Luca taking a step back from Kindle, he may be less relevant to the exclusive Facebook group this course has to offer.

What is Luca’s teaching style:

Luca is pretty famous for his level of transparency. He provides a whole bunch of examples and over the shoulder videos within the course. Nothing is left untold or unshared. He even outright tells you what niches he is in. The transparency is obviously what’s made him so well known so fast, since there’s no denying how effective his methods are.

He takes a no bullsh*t approach to tell you exactly what you need to do and almost fool proofs it for you. What I mean is, if you follow the course lesson by lesson and do what he says you will make money within the first month. You don’t need to do much thinking of your own unless you want to start ramping up your royalties to a higher level. (that’s where the facebook group comes in handy)

Find him in the facebook group. He’s pretty active on there.

Luca actually tells you to not think too much and just follow the steps in his course, and there’s good reason for it. Overthinking and overanalyzing will make a person with no experience fail. You will have a lot of books that simply do not rank and end up never making your investment back. Instead, follow the steps that Luca outlines and you will see results consistently as well as begin to understand the nuances of Amazon’s search engine.

By the time you start to understand the system you can attempt to deviate from the course for even more royalties. (But I’ll talk about that some other day)

I on the other hand am at a humble $200 for my ACX

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but it is a lucrative business opportunity for anyone with the right mindset. And Luca doesn’t shy away from telling you exactly that in his course.

Things to know before you start:

  • The course focuses on non-fiction genres only. I don’t recommend you getting this course if you’re a fiction writer or publisher. If you plan to go into fiction then I recommend you use Fiction Master Course by Russ Raj instead. I haven’t used the course myself, but the course has helped a number of my friends reach the $10k per month mark.
  • Luca advocates the use of review swaps to rank, but he doesn’t advocate you to use this method as a long term solution. He has a section on how to build an e-mail list within the course for long-term organic review generation.
  • Be prepared to invest up to $1000 usd to fully benefit from his strategies. Without saying too much and ruin Luca’s hardwork; you’ll need more than one book created to start. (The full details of this strategy is inside the course)
  • Luca has recently joined a multi-level marketing firm and will constantly try to get you to join. (Don’t join it)

My results:

My Publishing Revolution doubled my royalties within one month from $700+ to $1,500+. I didn’t even fully implement all his strategies because I was using existing books I had already published. I then doubled my royalties again for the 2nd month in a row when I published my first book from start to finish using his methods.

november 2016 createspace royalties
Just before I started the course – This is only my paperback royalties

Before taking the course I was plateauing at $500 per month and no matter what I was doing I couldn’t push through. I bought 2 other Kindle courses to look for answers and both didn’t work until I got Luca’s course.

The biggest reason I think this course works in the long run and not just for a few months is the facebook group. The group is exclusive the members only and a lot of news gets passed within this group. Unlike other courses where you have zero to little interaction with the course material, Luca’s course has a very highly active facebook group full of people wanting to mastermind together.

december 2016 createspace royalties
1 month after the course – This is only my paperback royalties

I think Luca’s course is still the best out there for anyone serious about entering the business. I don’t think it’s a complete beginners course, but it’s not hard for a complete beginner to follow along and benefit. It may, however be a bit intimidating for someone absolutely new to internet marketing.

The ideal person would be someone who has already gone through the whole process themselves; from creating to marketing a book on kindle. I think the experience gained from doing it yourself prior to this course will help you grasp the strategies and methods a lot faster, but for anyone who is motivated enough to learn, implement and try; then this course is exactly what you need.

A number of Luca’s students have already reached $10,000 per month from publishing, and I still think this is very possible. However, from my own personal experience $5,000 per month is a more accurate number of the monetary potential a Kindle business has. $5,000 a month isn’t a small number and when you take into account that this is passive income, then you’d be a fool for not giving it a go.

The course itself has a 15 day money back guarantee, which should be enough time for you to decide whether Kindle publishing is right for you. 

Luca is very upfront with everything. Nothing is hidden or misleading


I think Luca’s course does provide valuable knowledge and like all forms of education, you must apply what you learn to enjoy the results. The methods aren’t difficult to execute but do depend on the student to follow his strict process of publishing to work effectively.

The course is selling at $599, which is very expensive for a Kindle course. My advice would be for you to watch some of his videos on YouTube to get a feel whether Luca will be a good teacher for you before spending $599.

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